JavaScript : XSPDirectoryUser

Displays all the Javascript funtions associated with XSPDirectoryUser .
Represents a user entry in the server directory.

equals() Checks if this object equals another. true
getCommonName() Gets the common name of the directory entry. Anonymous
setCommonName() Sets the common name.
getDistinguishedName() Gets the distinguished name of the directory entry. anonymous
setDistinguishedName() Sets the distinguished name.
getFullName() Gets the full name. Anonymous
setFullName() Sets the full name.
getMail() Gets the mail name
setMail() Sets the mail name.
getGroups() Gets the directory entry's groups. No groups
getRoles() Gets the directory entry's roles. No roles
isAnonymous() Checks if the directory user is an Anonymous. true
toString() Gets a string representation of the user entry. (fullName: Anonymous, name: anonymous, mail: null, groups: [], roles: [])