Troubleshooting issues
A printer connected to the network does not print.
Cause: A problem might exist with the physical printer, the logical printer setting on the client computer, the application you are trying to print from, network protocols, or hardware.

Solution: Try the following to isolate and solve the problem:

Verify basic network connectivity. Check user rights, protocols, share names, and so on to determine whether you can see the server. Try to copy a file to the server; if you cannot access the server, you might not be able to access the printer.

On the Advanced tab, make sure the printer availability time is correct.

Create a local printer and redirect the port to the network server. Using the Add Printer Wizard, click Local, and then type the server and printer name for the printer (\\servername\printername). This determines whether you can copy files from the print server.

Check the available disk space on the print server. If there is not enough room to spool the job, larger jobs might fail where smaller jobs do not.