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Access from home
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For remote access (not the same as remote desktop) we use the AT&T Global Dialer. Here are the directions for downloading the program and setting it up.

  • Close all applications before installing software (Word, Outlook, etc.).
  • Open your Internet browser and go to http://help.attbusiness.net/
  • Click on Downloads.
  • Next to Windows ® *   English Nov 07, 2003 5.09.1 1.40 MB click Download.
  • At the bottom of the Terms and Conditions page, click I Accept .
  • Click on the Download the Dialer link. When the File Download screen appears, make sure to select the bullet to save this program to disk, select the desktop, and then click save to save the ncsetup.exe file to your desktop. Close your Internet browser after the Save screen disappears. Note: Follow the on-screen instructions to perform this step if you are using Netscape.
  • Locate the d5091.exe icon that you saved to your desktop. It may also appears as just d5091. Double-click this icon.
  • A screen pops up welcoming you to the installation program for AT&T Global Network Dialer. Ignore the on-screen reference to a fast path. Click Next to continue.
  • The AT&T Wizard will walk you through the installation process. When you get to the legal agreement, click I agree after reading the agreement.
  • Next the folder listing windows appears telling you where the software will install. Click Next.
  • At the components window check both boxes if they are not already checked. You will need to click OK when the system informs you that the Dialing Database will install the first time you login. Click Next.
  • At the Icon Window click Next.
  • You are now ready to install the software. Click on Install.
  • The Program will begin installing the software. When installation is complete, the wizard will resume with Dialer setup and connect to the network. Click on Yes, continue setup.

Dialer Setup

  • This setup program will help you connect to the network. It will list items needed to connect. Check the box marked Check this box if you would like to open a new Internet account now. Click Next to continue.
  • The Registration screen explains and lists steps to complete your account setup. Click Next.
  • The Modem screen asks which modem you want to use. If your modem is not displayed in the window, click the arrow to the right of the window and select it. Then click Next . If the modem you use is in neither of these options, click add modem and follow the instructions to add your modem.
  • It will then ask where you are dialing from. Select the United States , type in your area code, and then select whether you have a prefix to dial for an outside line (for example 9, if you dial 9 to get an outside line). Then click Next.
  • At the Network Access Number page select the city that you will primarily dial in from. Then click Next.
  • The last step tells you that the system is ready to connect to the network to finish the registration, click Next.
  • The modem will now connect to the AT&T registration site. It will also begin downloading the dialing directory in the background. When your browser comes up to the Welcome screen, click Next.
  • In the Offer Code field type: OSUCAMP then click Next.
  • In the sponsor field type: OSU and then in the serial number field type in: your county name (i.e., Benton, Clatsop, etc.). Then click Next.
  • On the plan page choose the plan that has the service options you want, and then click Next.
  • On the Name and address information page fill in your billing information and then click Next.
  • At the Business Information page fill in your billing information and then click Next.
  • Next choose three possible logins and click Next.
  • At the login agreement screen click that you agree to the conditions and then click Next.
  • Next type in your credit card billing information and click Next.
  • Check the box on this page so that you do not receive solicitations from outside companies and then click Submit.
  • Print the next sheet that appears for your billing and login records and then click Finish.
  • On the Registration status screen click Finish.
  • The client setup will now appear. Choose your local number preference and click Finish.
  • The dialer software should now load with your profile and password information preloaded. Click Connect.
  • Once the system connects, run your preferred browser or e-mail clients as usual. To disconnect bring up the Att&T global client window and click the square button.
If you experience problems while opening an account with AT&T, please contact AT&T’s Help Center at (800) 821-4612