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Chatting with external networks

  • Click File > New > Sametime Contact.
  • In the Server community field, select the Sametime server community that is connected to the public instant messaging network. Your administrator determines which Sametime server communities you have access to and whether any of them are connected to one or more public instant messaging networks.
  • Select Add external user by e-mail address.
  • Specify the Sametime contact's e-mail address, nickname, and group to which you want to add this contact. Make sure you enter the correct e-mail address because it is not validated with the network. If you enter an incorrect e-mail address, the contact shows in your Sametime Contacts list of contacts in the IBM Lotus NotesĀ® sidebar, but with an offline status.
  • If you have access to more than one public instant messaging network, select the network for the contact you are adding.
  • Click Close.