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Photo sharing

Share your photo's - Watch the world


Upload & Share images

This application provides an easy way to upload and distribute images / pictures across your organisation, intranet or internet. Uploading images is done via the Notes client. Browsing is considered to be done best via a Web browser.

Uploading new images
New images can be upload straight from the startpage ('Upload images') or from one of the Picture views ('New upload'). This will open a form/dialog where you can fill in the details for the images you want to upload.

Keep in mind that the more information you provide, the 'richer' your visitors will experience this application.

The 'action' 'Upload Images' on top of the form will open a dialog from which you can navigate to and select the files you want to upload. You can select multiple images to be uploaded at once. On the background for each original image 2 thumbnails (small, medium) will be created to reduce the amount of data that will be send to the browser.

You can keep the upload form open as long as you like and upload multiple images in several steps to see the results during uploads.

Watching image
It is recommended to watch uploaded images via a Web browser. Visitors can navigate through the images via several ways:
  • By Category.
  • By Tag.
  • By Author
  • By (monthly) Archive
  • By Date

Two common techniques used to enrich the user-experience are:
  • Lightbox, watch the original sized image with the application faded in the background.
  • Sliding gallery on the startpage.

Users can leave their comment on images, when enabled.
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